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 Lion tats  Mini Weiner dog for Gabriella  Goin back to Cali  This is when you curse your boy @_dr_woo_ giving people cray-zeeee expectations  Crown with four daggers above a lion I did for Rick  Howlin wolf~mom and baby
 Second time I’ve done this, wasn’t any easier haha  Dream shot by @spinning_wheel_prod  Could have missed it all. I am Grateful for it all, but especially for my boo and hefe and june.  my friend @michellebeller  Where eagles dare...  For Drew  Tiger tats
 Perro pequeno  All dogs go to heaven. Luna, for my friend Kyle (trees not by me)  God forbid ‍♂️ love ya, but don’t ever wanna see ya  Fine liner for Nichole  Ride or die❤️  Fun addition. Don’t get rid of it, frame it