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 Small one  Really fun portrait on Bri  Only thing this damn puddle is good for✨  We still got it. ❤️  Some cloud fill on my boy @zachquittman  Some pieces I did for my new friend Mike. Thanks for making the trip
 Friday the 13th, we will be tattooing from our hand drawn flash sheets, all designs 80 dollars. First come first serve, cash only. Flash sheets from every artist at LTC will drop on the 12th. We look forward to seeing you. Flyer made by @stevielayani  Small panther on Kramer  Viking fantasy for Denis  Today’s fun, memorial piece for Julien, and a small pup portrait for Brett. Thanks guys    Progress on my boy @stevielayani
   Rose in between some nice tattoos made by @maxe_brother for Robert  Got to tattoo a piece by one of my favorite artists @mattyboy90 on a cool guy named Julien  Fun one for Matt  Angel for Hunter  Full body pup right there haha✨