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 On my friend Hunter  Blue jay and mountains on Jacob  Angel  Fine liners for Tim  Tryin to help my friend Eza out with getting his really cool idea out there! If you’ve ever surfed remote areas with no showers, or surfed Venice or Santa Monica and had to deal with the locals (homeless) hogging the showers, here’s a solution! @beachbox_surf just like home!  Gothic cathedrals ✨
 Samson and Delilah  Almost finished on jacks arm  Henry the frenchie  Virgin Mary for fillip  Fine liner for Toru  A very limited run of LTC tees and a black crewneck sweatshirt are now available on our site. This run was designed by myself and made by our friends @freedomartists ⚡️
 Birth of Venus  Another snake filling in gaps around some primo script by @orks_tattoos on my friend Jeff  Progress on the Monte Carlo. All new @ridetech suspension with shockwave air ride system, installed by @powerhouse_performance_ , and a new 350 sb engine built and installed by my friend @srg_1320king next paint with @peps_garage  Remember when...  1960 impala wagon  For Tia Gloria✨