California Script

All apologies for lack of commitment to the blog. Mid year resolution, stay on point with updating on the reg. People always ask if I get bored of doing certain imagery over and over. I imagine if I had to do the same portrait over and over that would get really boring. However, there are a few things I never get bored of, roses, and writing.

I am so grateful to my friend Tim Hendricks for showing me the magic formula for making a nice rose tattoo. I hand draw on every one with the Tattoo Pen, also a gift of Hendricks. So everyone is different even though they all look similar. I never get bored of this process, and I am forever in debt to people like Tim who share their magic.

Writing is one of my favorite things to tattoo to date.  I think there is this big misconception that writing is not artistic and very easy. Let’s get this straight, writing is NOT easy. You can approach text from so many different angles, but at the end of the day, it has to look consistent and it has to flow. There are certain artist, such as Orks, at UTG Tattoo, who really take it to a whole other level. Those are the ones I admire and who inspire me to keep pushing.  I got to this big script of California Gold on my friend Kris.